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Whenever I hear any Bon Jovi songs I am reminded almost daily i attended a Bon Jovi concert on Saturday 6th July 1996. The concert in the Milton Keynes Superbowl was right at the end from the mammoth Today tour that moving on 26th April 1995 at the Andheri Stadium Bombay, India and ended on 19th July 1996 with the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

It took my boyfriend and myself over 3 hours to drive to Milton Keynes and we needed to queue for 4 hours until 2pm to get involved with the Superbowl. It turned out one of those quirky English weather days, 60 seconds or so the very hot sun was beating recorded on us and the next there was clearly torrential freezing cold rain.

Once we had the world we had been able to find a spot in the front of the stage speculate more fans arrived and blocked us in I came to be claustrophobic and worried which i wouldn't be capable to escape towards the loo during the next 8 hours. I left Mark hugging the leading in the stage and escaped to sit with a hillock where I managed to get a pretty good view of the proceedings as the support bands Seven, Gun and Joan Osborne performed.

The most memorable being Joan Osbornes performance, she was great but the weather used to be quirky also it became pretty uncomfortable looking at grass while soaked to the skin. I wandered round for a couple hours and became more uncomfortable like a bloke took an elegant to me and commenced to harass me despite being told that we was with my boyfriend.

Seeing my discomfort a gaggle of Bon Jovi fans told the bloke to go away me alone and talked about to become listed on them. That's lucky for me in 2 ways, one that it eradicated my stalker and the other because we were within a marvellous position to observe the show, towards the stage but to the correct - out of the main crush of fans.

It had been prior to 7.00pm and that i was feeling tired, very wet and shivering from your cold. I couldn't happen to be wetter only had stood in the pool fully clothed. When i tried to warm my by now numb blue hands I had been miserably wishing that we hadn't decided to see a concert.

A couple of minutes later a helicopter arrived and shortly afterwards I could see this guitar rock band climbing up the steps to the stage. I did a dual take at seeing Jon, he was put on a strong tan leather jumpsuit which gave the sense of him being naked from a distance.

The group started up and then for 2 hours my discomfort was forgotten as Bon Jovi launched in to a string of these hits including Always, It's Playing, You allow Love A poor Name, Someday I will be A Saturday Night and my very long time favourite Living On the Prayer.

Imagine a sea of more than 60,000 fans joining within the choruses, swaying, waving and showing up in the air together. It was a spectacular sight don and doff stage as Bon Jovi rocked the Superbowl. I became enthralled together with the bands performance and stirred with the music as well as the interaction from your crowd.

I felt disappointed whenever a fireworks display ended the magnificent performance Couple of hours on, but afterwards Bon Jovi reappeared on an air punching encore to round from the show. I had been still very wet and cold but warmed by way of a magnificent performance in the entire band. I absolutely recommend seeing Bon Jovi together and despite my discomfort I'd personally feel it again - it absolutely was worth the cost.

I have been previously watching videos in the 2008 Lost Highway tour and believe Jon Bon Jovi has still got what it takes. Bon Jovi make the perfect band and 12 years on I'm still a major fan of Bon Jovi songs and hope i get a chance to see them in concert again, but perhaps an inside concert!

P.S. In terms of my boyfriend I dumped him as soon as the show. I would not rate a guy that lets a female he is supposed to worry about wander away automatically for hours in the strange place as well as in a 60,000 plus crowd. He cared more about finding a place close to the stage than my safety. I probably were left with a much better view than he did i might visit the loo while i wanted!

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